The Breakfast Nook

We moved in this house in August, two days before school started for my kids. Things were crazy and all I saw was YELLOW! Literally, yellow, every wall in the house is yellow, and it’s a rental……..


Once we were unpacked all I wanted to do and could think about was how to down play the yellow walls (without going broke). Mind you this is a slow and constant battle, that I’m sure will go on tell the day we move. Which I hope isn’t anytime soon, we have moved quite a bit in the last 10 years. As my brother in-law quotes from many country songs we have a “gypsy soul”. But finally we’re throwing in the towel on that life and calling this ❤HOME❤ and first order of business was to find a table and chairs for our breakfast nook. Garage sales here I come.

My husband laughed that Saturday morning when I said “I’m going to find our table and chairs today”. Joke was on him when I came back home 30min later for his work truck. I ended getting the table and two of the chairs for $35 and the other two chairs at a yard sale around the corner for $15.

I was so excited to get it and start working on it that I almost forget to take a before picture, but I got one in just as I was starting to sand.


Not sure if you can tell in this picture but two of the chairs were black with about 4 lays of other colors of paint underneath. After a day and half of sanding they were prepped and ready.

Since August and September are the hottest months here (around 101˚). Either I had to get up early or paint in side, I opted for inside.

A few days later it was dry and ready to be set up. Woo Woo!


See those yellow walls I’m not kidding when I say every wall.


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