our home

It’s a rental so we can’t repaint the walls, but we are making do and turning it into our home.

Cosco Step stool

Growing up, half my childhood was spent in the central coast, and most of our family lived in Southern California. So every summer and most major holidays we would make the trek south. My Grandma in particular lived in Yucaipa and anybody that knows of this town also knows it gets hot in the summer, “DESERT”! So when we would show up at her house and see the six-pack of 7-UP sitting on her old Cosco Step Stool in the mudroom we knew 7-UP strawberry floats were coming, YUM!

Unfortunately my grandma passed away in this last year. So when I was asked if there was anything I wanted, all I could think about was that step stoop.

before gma stool collage

Project time!!!!

I started out by pulling the stool apart, then cleaning and sanding all the rust off. The hardest part was probably picking out the vinyl and paint color.

Next step was waiting for a non-windy day (the only real down fall of Spring). Once weather was permitting I hung all the legs off our patio with wire. Then using spray paint for this whole project ,I first sprayed one coat of primer.

When I started taking pictures of this step I noticed that in the pictures there was a heart made from the way the legs were hanging. I would like to believe it’s my grandma approving what I was doing with her stool.

Gma stool hang collage

Once the primer was dry I painted a couple layers of glossy white on the legs and a glossy navy blue on the seat and backrest.

After a couple days and when the paint had cured a little  I added the vinyl and new rubber to the steps. As far as the steps go it was pretty easy, I bought a rubber mat from the hardware store. Made a stencil cut it out and glued.

gmasstool steps collage

I’m sure this next step could have been done or should have been done another way but it worked for me. Tape was my friend, I used it to hold everything where I wanted, and then using clamps pulled the pieces together. The vinyl wasn’t providing much give so I left the clamps on overnight so it would form to metal. IT WORKED!

covering gmas stool collage

Finally, my favorite part. Putting it back together to see the end product.

gma stool after collage

Sunburst Mirror

After a month and half of being out of town every weekend, a free weekend at home is a breath of fresh air. What to do……….?

An unexpected trip to TJ Max on Friday fixed that problem when I scored this mirror.

before mirror

A few months ago I came across a DIY on www.thenester.com  BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And this is how my weekend project was born.


I absolutely love this inspirational mirror, but in keeping with true crafter passion I had to add my own flair. So I took a quick trip to my arsenal of spray paint to see what I could come up with. I just love it when a project comes together with no trips to the craft or hardware store.

spray paint

After cutting out all the pieces, I started with a layer of the green paint, then blue and finally gold. BLING!

painted pieces

Once they were dry I hot glued the pieces on and………… WALAH!!!!!

mirror collage

If  your interested in a much more in depth tutorial please check out How to Make a Sunburst Mirror by the nester.


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